Adopt a Burmese Refugee

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our goal at Adopt-A-Burmese Refugee is to help families less fortunate than us, primarily through collecting items they need. Our team is made up of passionate supporters who believe Burma can have a brighter future.


Significance– The significance in adopting Burmese refugees  is to help children and the general people in need. They really do need us and we need to help them. The Burmese people have gone through so much- they lived their lives like normal people, and then suddenly their country goes into ward with Japan and they are evicted from their homes, moved to other places, just trying to escape for a chance at life.

Perspective– I’m not Burmese, so why, you ask, am I wanting to help them? The answer is simple. I want to give back what I have taken from the world. They need so much, and I was born into a wonderful life with great family, great school, and it is so wonderful that I want to help others in need. I have the power to do that and I like to do that. It’s just part of who I am and I love that part of me.

Evidence– What evidence is there that the Burmese really have a need? Well the answer is right in front of my eyes. Some of the Burmese families live in San Diego. We are tutoring them and we know that they need so much. When we see them we see it in the people, we know. We also know for a fact that there is a war going on in Burma. Anyone can tell you that. It’s right before our eyes and so many people are ignoring it. They need our help. 

Connections– My life connects with the children in many ways. We are trying to stay in school, we live in a home, we do chores, we try and have fun. I just was more fortunate in the world I was born into, since our worlds are very different places. I have also had to leave many homes, just move away and barely understand what is happening around me. Many of the children feel this way too.

Supposition– I don’t think it will be a world changing project, like Pay it Forward was, but I know the refugees will really appreciate all we do for them. Everyone needs the same basic items to survive, and we are helping them to get the items. It’s not all about the glory in something, it’s how you feel afterwards and how they feel. That’s what matters.